How to Analyze and Identify the Best Customers for B2B SaaS

What are the best customers for B2B SaaS? This is a question that many people in the industry spend time trying to answer, but few of them have come up with an effective solution.  The truth is that it’s hard to tell who will be profitable and who won’t. You can look at their company […]

The Future of Demand Generation: How Revenue Marketing is Changing the Way We Sell

The future of demand generation is here, and the game has changed. With the advent of revenue marketing, we have shifted our focus from simply generating leads to nurturing prospects in order to convert them into customers. But how do you know if your demand generation strategy is working? What metrics should be used to […]

Revenue Acceleration: How to Move From Alignment to Action

As companies expand, they typically end up with what is referred to as “silos.” This happens because each department in the company develops its own set of processes and priorities. For any company looking to grow exponentially, this is an issue they need to address quickly.  This article will show you how cross-department accountability can […]

How automation, online events, and AI are changing the marketing game forever.

Wasn’t 2020 a hilarious year for innovation? C’mon guys, now that we’re into the second month of 2021, it’s time to say something positive about 2020. We had some moments of bliss; weeks of introspection, changes at work, new challenges, and tons of learning.  Did you ever imagine you could survive without an office working […]

Best ways of automating Twitter

Take control of your Twitter account by applying some smart tricks to create automated workflows. Do it nicely, do it the Funky Marketing way. Twitter is your friend. You’ve been trying to convince yourself about it every time you click on the blue bird icon to start or get back to a conversation.  But let’s […]

Localization & Communication with Mladen Stojak

Nemanja had a conversation with Mladen Stojak, Managing Partner at Ciklopea. Mladen’s working on helping companies optimize their multilingual efforts in a digital and data-driven world. Mladen is in business for more than 15 years and shares great insights. This conversation was about communication, localization, the future of translation and language industry, as well as […]